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Entrust your cargo in safe hands

“EUROTRANS” Co. LTD is a freight forwarding company with highly qualified specialists in the field of transportation, warehouse logistics, and FEA. Our experts provide complete and professional solution of the entire range of issues of any complexity in the international and internal logistics, i.e., multimodal transport (multimodal). Our experience in the management of transport and planning, allows us to develop solutions that fit your needs, as well as responding quickly to any changes in the transportation process, such as: timing and destination delivery.

Road logistics
  • We work in all major countries
  • We provide many additional services
  • We carry out transportation of goods on the territory of China
Air logistics
  • high speed cargo delivery
  • 6000 transportations per year
  • 50 transport partners
  • delivery of goods in Europe at a special price
Sea and river logistics
  • delivery of modular cargoes
  • shipping containers at a bargain price
  • high reliability
  • just-in-time delivery
Rail logistics
  • daily flights
  • time of receipt with an accuracy of up to an hour
  • over 300 stations in Russia
  • low price transport

Send combined, heavy or dangerous goods

We offer a possibility of sending any type of goods from prefabricated and combined to dangerous and heavy cargo. Contact us to find out our options and navigate to the cost of delivery.

safety and reliability
Hight speed
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