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“EUROTRANS» Co. LTD is a modern, vibrant freight forwarding organization, headed by highly qualified specialists in the field of transport logistics and related sectors, who provide the most complete and professional solutions of the entire range of issues of any complexity.

Its core team consisted of professional transport specialists with an adequate education and more than 10 years of experience in each separate area of transport services: Trucking, aviation, rail, marine, FEA. “EUROTRANS” Co. LTD is able to position itself in the market of forwarding services as highly efficient company, able to offer its customers solutions to any transport challenges in the course of their activities, including, in a constantly changing business, both Russian and foreign market.

Facing the current situation in the market of transport logistics, in which the level of competition is very high, management of “EUROTRANCE” Co. LTD is based on the modern and, as it has proved itself, highly effective approach to managing all kinds of internal and external resources. We focus on quality and speed of services, individual and innovative approaches to work with each customer in solving complex tasks.