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Transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes is the most complicated kinds of transportation that requires special attention and professionalism.

“EUROTRANCE” Co. LTD staff have a huge experience in the organization and implementation of transportation of oversized and heavy goods (project cargo) in the following areas:

  • heavy industry
  • shipbuilding
  • energy-, oil- and gas-equipment
  • hydro, thermal and nuclear power
  • heavy engineering and machine-tool construction
  • steel and steel industry
  • coal and mining industry
  • chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industry
  • agricultural and tractor engineering
  • shipbuilding, railway engineering and transport machine building
  • road construction engineering
  • cement industry
  • pulp and paper industry.

In the calculation of claims for transportation of project cargoes “EUROTRANS” Co. LTD solves the following tasks:

  • development and coordination with all necessary authorities of the cargo route
  • development and coordination of all loading and fastening of heavy and oversized seats on the vehicle schemes, including manufacturing of transport equipment and lodgments
  • Selection and providing of special automobile trailers and modules for transportation
  • chartering of specialized maritime tonnage, including “Heavylift” vessels with their own cranes/beams with carrying capacity (g/s) up to 2000 tons, semisubmerged dock type “Semisubmersible” vessels with g/n capacity up to several thousand tons, vessels of RO-RO/RO-LO types, lighter carrier ship
  • chartering of river barge-platforms with the possibility of loading/discharging by roll-on method and/or lifting way
  • organization of railway transportation on the railway, a conveyor with a g/p up to 500 tons
  • urgent transportation of oversized goods by air is available for cargo with a maximum weight of up to 100 tons
  • using mobile cranes with g/n up to 500 tons and floating cranes with g/n up to 1500 (2000) tons while changing modes of transport

Every stage of transportation is under special control of the company’s employees “EUROTRANS” Co. LTD and contractors!