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Transportation of heavy containers up to 27 tones all over Russian Federation.

From December 2016, «Eurotrans» Co., Ltd offers 44 tones heavy transport containers all over Russia.

We have own fleet of 20 tractor trucks.

As a rule, 4 x 2 wheel arrangement tractors carry out containers transportation. With 3-axis semi-trailer, permissible mass of 5-axis articulated vehicle is 40 tones. When adding one axis on the semi-trailer, load would increase to 44 tons (6-axis articulated vehicle).



Relevance of the Meusburger Novtrak development is confirmed by the increased demand for 4-axis articulated vehicle for the containers transportation in connection with recently enacted legislation and a strong in compliance with the permissible axial load approach.

Weight of 4-axis articulated vehicle container truck slightly heavier than 3-axis (about 800 kg), which, in general, still provides weight margin of 3 tons. In most cases, this is sufficient to avoid transshipment fines of several hundred thousand rubles. In this light slightly higher cost of 4-axis technique perceived adequately possible losses.

New 4-axis SW-454 container truck are universal and designed for the transportation of both 20 and 40-45 feet containers. The frame is made of Swedish high quality steel, the design of reinforced and proved by years of long term experience, during which the factory have been specialized in the production of such technologies.

Air suspension and 4-axis BPW unit are also enhanced. 1-St and 2-nd axis can be lifted (1st one has forced control, 2-nd one is automatic). The complete set includes EBS, 6 container beams with two locks on each, led lights, 2 instrumental mailbox between 1-st and 2-nd axles.

All steel parts are thoroughly bead blasting treated and primed before painting.

Technical characteristics:

  • weight of semitrailer — 6 500 kg
  • SSA load -11000 kg
  • axle load is 36 000 kg
  • overall length-13 220 mm
  • overall height-1 345 mm
  • SSA height -1 100 mm
  • gross weight of the semitrailer is 47000 kg

Types of transported containers:

  • 1 x 20, set in the middle of the frame (no more than 35t)
  • 2х20
  • 1х40 (with a groove in the base)
  • 1х40 (high cube with a groove in the base)

• 1h45 (with a groove in the base)