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Transportation features

Transportation of dangerous goods imposes additional responsibilities and conditions for transporting. Transportation of dangerous cargo is governed by State regulations and legislation. For such carriage coordination with the relevant regulatory authorities and with the owner of the transport depending on the class of danger is required. This type of transportation is carried out using special transport card with the appropriate imprints and marks. The following are the classes of dangerous goods:

  •  class 1– explosives

Dangerous Cargo_class_01

  • class 2– Gases.


Dangerous Cargo_class_02

  • class 3– Flammable liquids3
  • class 4– Flammable solids.Dangerous Cargo_class_04
  • class 5– oxidizing substances. Dangerous Cargo_class_05
  • class 6– poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances.Dangerous Cargo_class_06
  • class 7– radioactive materials. Dangerous Cargo_class_07
  • class 8– corrosive substances.Dangerous Cargo_class_08
  • class 9– Miscellaneous dangerous substances and materials.Dangerous Cargo_class_09