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List of services

Basic services:

  • certification by GOST R and TS
  • Declaring goods by GOST R
  • Declaring goods according to TC 010 TR/2011 “On the safety of machines and equipment”
  • Declaring goods according to TC 004 TR/2011 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment”
  • Declaring goods according to 020/TC 2011 TR” Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment
  • Declaring goods according to TC 005 TR/2011 “on the safety of the package” Declaration of products by TR TC 021/022/023/024 “on food safety»
  • Declaring goods according to TR TC 007/2011 “on the safety of products intended for children and adolescents “Declaring products for TC 017 TR/2011” on safety light industry products
  • product certification according TS TS
  • product testing
  • gaining State registration of products
  • Getting of Èkskont
  • Declaration of fire safety
  • fire safety certification
  • expert determination
  • ISO
  • Euro 5
  • Declaration and Certification of Department of Communication
  • Acts of CCI
  • CCI Notification receipt RČC
  • certificate of origin St-1
  • rejection letters
  • assistance in the development of technical documentation