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Economic feasibility

«COMPANY EUROTRANS» can organize and make the sea and/or river transportation of any shipment.

“EUROTRANS” Co. LTD offers the following services when moving goods by sea and/or river transport:

  • development of optimal scheme of transportation depending on the volume of the batch and the characteristics of goods;
  • calculation and preparation of layout and fastening of the cargo on a ship, carrying out loading and unloading operations;
  • cargo transportation in universal (marine) containers on condition of full (FCL) or partial (LCL) loading;
  • transportation of general cargo (without packing) by conventional multi-purpose courts (Multipurpose) with chartering of a single vessel for a customer shipment;
  • transportation of general charter cargo by conventional ships at partial load conditions;
  • transportation of shipments to remote or hardly accessible (e.g. shallow, restricted, etc.) ports with transshipment at ports of transit;
  • chartering of specialized Heavylift vessels with their own cranes/derricks up to 2000 tons for transporting, loading/unloading of heavy and oversized cargoes;
  • chartering of specialized semisubmerged «Semisubmersible» vessels for maritime transportation, loading/unloading of super heavy and oversized cargo with a weight of several thousand tons;
  • chartering of sea/river tonnage for the carriage, loading/unloading by RO-RO roll-on method;
  • chartering of specialised courts and ensuring the transportation of hazardous and radioactive cargo;

preparing of bill of lading or multimodal international bill of lading. “EUROTRANS” Co. LTD will help you to find the best solution for the delivery by water.