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Why do you need insurance and survey

During storage of goods in a warehouse, there is risk of damage or loss. In a way, when moving cargo, the likelihood of damage or loss of property increases several times. The path property much more often exposed to hazards: road accidents, natural disasters, sea and air disasters, when loading-discharging cargo and illegal actions of third parties.

Often, the culprit is the damage the other party, from which it is impossible to get the full amount of damages. Insurance is one of the major decisions on the protection of the cargo in transit.

To prevent disputes and claims, as well as for their settlement used surveyor’s services, which include leaving the representative survey company at the place of loading/unloading/transshipment to document its condition at the time of his transfer to third parties. After the end of surveyor to the customer provided the Act of work done in writing, including the photo report.

EUROTRANS Co. LTD insurance

Along with transportation of cargo by all modes of transport, “EUROTRANS” Co. LTD at the request of the customer is ready to render services on cargo insurance from reliable Russian and international insurance companies. Under the insurance contract, goods can be insured under the following conditions:

  1. “All risks” insurance is most often used for new goods
  2. “With liability for p/a» (under a private accident we realize non-intentional damage caused to a ship or cargo).
  3. “No liability for damage, except wreck” (used for second-hand goods, either at the request of the cargo owner and for new goods).
  4. “With liability for risks of storage”

In the second and third case an insurer is responsible for the following risks:

  • Fire, lightning, storms, whirlwind, and other natural disasters, wreck or collision of ships, aircraft and other vehicles, or strike them on fixed or floating objects, landing ship aground, failure of bridges, explosion, damage caused to to vessel by ice or seawater
  • loss of the ship or aircraft is missing
  • accidents during loading, stowage, unloading cargo and vessel fuel
  • General accidents
  • All necessary and reasonable costs incurred for the salvage of the cargo as well as to reduce losses and to establish its size, if the loss is compensated by the insurance conditions.